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Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.
C.G. Jung

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Do you agree we are here to experience life to its fullest and self-realize? Can you recognize that human life includes joy and contentment but also disappointment, frustration, or loneliness?
With a Mindful Breath and Body, you can look within and heal or feel more present in each moment. With simple yet ancient practices, we will work together to explore what inspires YOU to experience feeling fully ALIVE!
This is your journey! In Joseph Campbell’s word ‘Follow Your Bliss!’
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Experiential Breathwork

Interested in Self-Awareness?

Go on an inner journey and open to the landscape of your inner mind.

Through deep and fast breathing while listening to powerful and evocative music, you will open your body's energy to experience a greater sensory awareness, expanded consciousness and/or a profound state of peace.

Mari has facilitated group Breathwork sessions since 2005 as a Holotropic Breathwork practitioner. Learn more or Register for a Scheduled Event Today!

Align with your Soul

Inside you is a small seed that contains the knowledge necessary for healing and transformation. How you go about tapping into that seed is the key to aligning with your soul! Having 1:1 intuitive-based guidance can be very useful for understanding the language of the psyche/soul. With each personal session guided by Mari, you will become more self-aware. Self-awareness provides the platform for a balanced and fulfilling life!

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Mindful Living


Breath and Body

Ever notice your natural breath or recognize tension in your body? Join in a mindful practice of breathwork to experience awareness inside and out. Beginning with the benefits of meditation and take home tips, you will be guided in a meditation to improve concentration and experience inner peace. Leave refreshed, relaxed and informed of how to let go body tension and increase energy flow!

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Meditation and Nature

We all know hiking in nature can help you relax but did you know just being in nature benefits your energy and boosts your endorphins? Join in a journey that will feel unforgettable by exploring nature with all of your senses! To begin we will meet indoors and discuss the many healing benefits of nature, then move outside to experience it! Through a focus on the breath, you can relax the body and tap into your inner nature.

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Seeking Happiness

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.” Thich Nhat Hahn Is your ultimate goal to find happiness? Does success guarantee happiness? These thought-provoking questions are open for discussion. Zen masters believe happiness is a mindful discipline. We will begin with a guided breath and body meditation to open your natural energy flow followed by a rich discussion of what happiness means to you.

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